Beer is Food, But Food is Food

Friday Mar 5th, 2021

While we frequently have an Olympic-sized swimming pool's worth of beer on hand at any given time, our food offerings are small and light. COVID rules stipulate a food item has to be served with every tab in an effort to keep your butt planted in a seat. So, we have a light menu consisting of fresh pepperoni balls from Art's Bakery, a meat & cheese cup, and some chip & dip combos.

But what if that simply won't cut it? We have a bunch of food friends nearby that offer carry-out, delivery, or drive their kitchen-on-wheels onto our property and sling food directly to our patrons.

We compiled a list of our buds below to help you decide what to get when you stop in next. 

Majestic Pizza
Atacolypse Truck
Que Abides

Majestic Bakery

1501 Walnut Street
(814) 315-4020


We've made friends with the Majestic folks after appearing at LEAF's Open Market over the summer - we pop up at their place once in a while, but they make killer pizzas on Fridays.

Order online at

The Atacolypse

Our parking lot!
(814) 450-7228


We met Chris a long, long time ago when he was still slingin' tacos & guac for his family. We're happy to welcome him and his custom taco menu to our parking lot.

Check out their Facebook page.

THE Que Abides

Our parking lot!
(814) 823-4213


The O.G. food truck at our shop. The Que has been one of our favorites since day one. Beer & BBQ go together extremely well, so it was just meant to be. Meats, veggies, sauces, and mac & cheese. 

Check out their Facebook page.

Virgils Plate

Virgil's Plate

1001 W. 6th Street
(814) 474-7030


These fine folks have been our friends for a while - they once popped up at our shop before we remodeled and ran pies from their shop to ours, feeding hungry music fans when we used to hold shows. 

Order online at