Super Duper Sunday


Pre-order your foosball food from The Que Abides (call them at 814-823-4213) and pick it up in time for the "super" game. You might as well pick up some beer too eh?



Chicken Legs
Chicken wings on steroids! We slow smoke chicken legs prior to frying and saucing in the sauce of your choice: Bourbon BBQ, Googily Moogily, Texas, Magic Mustard, Mango Habanero, Hot, Mild, Spicy Garlic, Garlic Parmesan, Bama Sauce.

5 Drumsticks/8.00 20 Drumsticks/30.00
10 Drumsticks/15.50 40 Drumsticks/58.00
*Drumsticks available in increments of 5*

Meats by the Pound:
Pulled Pork 16/lb
Brisket 20/lb

Mac N Cheese:
Single Orders: 7-10 (depending on topping)
½ Pan: 28
Full Pan: 52

Bourbon Baked Beans: NC Slaw:
½ Pan: 25 ½ Pan: 12
Full Pan: 48 Full Pan 20

Jalapeno Cornbread: 2.00

Combination Platters:
-Brisket, choice of: (Pulled Pork or Chicken Drumsticks) & choice of 2 sides--17/person
-Pulled Pork, Chicken Drumsticks, & 2 sides--15/person
-Brisket & choice of 2 sides--13/person
-Pulled Pork & choice of 2 sides--11/person

Important Info, Dude:
-All orders must be placed by Thursday January 30th at 8pm with a non-refundable 50% deposit
-Orders will be available for pick-up Super Bowl Sunday at a time of your choosing between 2-5(based on availability)
-Other meats/sides may be available per request
-½ pans feed approximately 12-15 ppl, full pans 25-30 ppl



02/02 12:00PM – 5:00PM