Fifth Annual 0.01K

It's time. We've waited all pandemic for this to come back around. Join us for our fifth version of our ever-popular 0.01K "Race".

You've not run a track like this. It's easily surmountable and will take place directly in front of our shop. Your $10 entry fee will directly benefit the Bayfront Maritime Center, an education center and boatbuilding shop located along Erie's bayfront. They've been incredibly hard hit from the pandemic and need all the help they can get.

The "race" promptly begins at 6:00ish on Friday, with Bro-Man's Sammiches and EAW providing all the pre-and-post-"race" fuel you need to keep going.

Themed groups of "racers" are encouraged, and honestly the sillier the better.

FYI, 0.01K is roughly 38 feet...


06/04 6:00PM