Benevolent Beers: Mission Empower

We team up with Mission Empower for another night of Benevolent Beers!

Mission Empower is a Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC) serving children and youth with disabilities and their families within Erie County Pennsylvania.

Through the CPRC program, they aim to support families so their children may be included at school and in the community so they may grow into independent, productive adults. This is accomplished by providing educational advocacy, trainings, and information targeted to those who may be disadvantaged because they have an income that falls below the poverty line, have low literacy or a disability, or come from a diverse background.
Also, through their Youth Envision program, youth with disabilities are empowered to be successful throughout high school and graduate-ready for a career or college.

Through the Mission Employment program, youth and young adults with disabilities are prepared to be more successful for the world of work by participating in employment readiness classes and paid internships.

Finally, through the Mission Read program, children with dyslexia are tutored to learn to read. Reading proficiency is the foundation to achieve an education that prepares children for a successful adulthood.

Every sale rung in between 5:00pm and 8:00pm will provide funding to this organization.


09/22 5:00PM – 8:00PM