Drink beer to improve the weather

Tuesday Apr 17th, 2018
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Now keep in mind as I'm writing this, it's snowing sideways out my window. Cars are sliding. Daffodils and Robins are pissed and confused. When you read this article throughout the year you'll get a very nice peek into the mindset this fall/winter/spring has given a sample size of Erie residents. So what can be done to make our lives a bit better?

Easy, drink a beer.

Yep, go to a bar, a grocery store, a brewery, hell even a family-friendly fast casual restaurant. Talk to someone about getting a beer, pronto. And not just any beer, a local beer. Once you have that beer halfway done you'll feel better, the clouds will part, birds will sing and all will be right with the world. 

If all of us do that then the worst that can happen is we all feel a little bit better. The best thing that can happen is the weather clears up, that's a 50/50 chance! WHO'S WITH ME!