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Benevolent Beers


We want to provide a fundraising platform to give back to the region that has helped us grow our business from our one-car garage in Millcreek.

Erie has a strong nonprofit community and we want to help it grow stronger through Benevolent Beers. We will host your eligible nonprofit at our shop, where a portion of each pint or to-go sale will be provided to your organization, agreed upon before the event date.


  • Your organization must be a valid nonprofit with 501(c)3 tax-filing status
  • Your organization must fill out our application form and abide by our vetting process. Exceptions can be made, but as a general rule we won't provide a Benevolent Beers event for:
    • Religion-based organizations
    • Sports groups, private institutions, or tuition-based education groups
    • Political or professional organizations
    • Individual-based efforts like GoFundMe or Kickstarter
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Can you represent your group at the event? (Preference is given to those that actively attend and are present for their night) We equate this to a restaurant reservation, if you reserve the table and show up, you get the service and meal!