Erie embraces, "Mind, Body, Beer"

Monday Jan 15th, 2018

Just what is Mind, Body, Beer?

On select days each month we host a beer and yoga mashup session aptly dubbed, Mind, Body, Beer. Our instructor, Abi Pooler, conducts a gentle flow class that has the pint of beer front and center during the whole session.

The code word to take a sip? Namaste, of course.

We started hosting yoga classes with the help of Chautauqua Girls Pint Out (formerly Erie Girls Pint Out), a national organization for women. We kept fielding questions on when the next class was being held, and coincidentally we bumped into Abi around the same time.

How does it work?

Early on we relied solely on facebook events to gauge interest and attendance, but then when we had 100 people mark themselves “interested” in a class we started pre-selling class seats so it’s fair to everyone. Our brewery can safely and comfortably fit 30 yoga mats so we cap attendance. It’s $5.00 to reserve your seat then beer can be purchased separately. Do you have to drink beer during class? Nope, but it certainly makes it more fun.

A good instructor is key.

When asked to conduct the classes, Abi jumped at the chance right away. She took it upon herself to actually work the beer right into the session. She’s been doing it for about a year now and the other day we asked her why she keeps doing it:

“Bringing people together to practice carefree, fun, yoga in the local community that supports local breweries is both fun and inspiring to me as a local business”,

Want in?

The best way to learn when sessions become available is through our email newsletter at or subscribe to our events through our Facebook page.

Tuesday classes are just $5.00 to reserve. Some Saturdays we’ll team up with The Que Abides and offer Mind, Body, Beer, Brunch for $25.00. The difference being you get your pint included, a longer class and brunch immediately afterwards. After being asked multiple times we even developed our own line of apparel available for purchase on a pre-order basis in our online store.