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Beer Profile: Tattooed Lady

Tuesday Jun 18th, 2019

Tattooed Lady Pint

"It's Beer-Flavored Beer"

You'll often hear that phrase describing this beer to a new customer. Tattooed Lady is nothing fancy really, it wasn't designed to be. Our blonde ale is quite simple with two malts and one hop, fermented with a neutral American Ale yeast that chews through new wort quickly and efficiently ending up with a rather dry final gravity. Our usual alcohol by volume is 4.6% making it lighter than a lot of macro brands you'll see at your favorite watering hole.

This is the second year we've canned this beer with the help of Lavery Brewing Company and this year, Grist House Craft Brewery's mobile canning rig. You'll see these 16-ounce tallboys at various events all over town including Gears & Grub, CelebrateErie and Hill District Fleas. And of course you can snag some cans at the shop during normal retail hours.

Tattooed Lady Celebrate Erie Can 2

So why make this style of beer? Well, from a product perspective it gives us a platform on which to try new things like introducing new fruit blends. From a brewing perspective the process is pretty straightforward. From a sales perspective the math tells the tale, Erie likes to purchase this style of beer en masse. We'll brew this beer to pay for the materials for "fancier" beers later on because as a beer factory we have to produce the product people want to buy in quantity. And so here we are.

As craft beer fans we can experience some option paralysis, or even hop fatigue. How many hazy IPAs can we drink in an afternoon (Quite a few actually)? Sometimes you just want a something that tastes like a middle-of-the-road easy-drinking beer that's locally made and packaged. By the way the labels are printed at McCarty Printing just around the corner from our shop.

Thank you for drinking it.

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