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Benevolent Beers: Erie Arts & Culture

Thursday June, 20, 2024 5:00PM

Join us for a night of Benevolent Beers with Erie Arts & Culture!

Erie Arts & Culture is committed to improving the lives of our region’s residents. They do this by leveraging the power of the arts and humanities to address the vital needs and interests of Erie and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

EAC imagine's a region in which:

  • Culture and creativity are woven into the fabric of everyday life and are integrated into every neighborhood.
  • The region is a magnet for cultural and creative professionals where non-profit cultural organizations and for-profit creative industries can thrive.
  • Every resident has access to opportunities to participate in, and engage with, the arts and humanities, whether socially, educationally, or economically.
  • The arts and humanities are a part of every classroom experience.
  • Cultural equity is leading the way to a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive community - improving the social equity and cultural vitality of the area.
  • Culture and creativity are recognized as a leading contributor to quality of life that attracts and retains residents, business investments, and a high-quality modern workforce.

Any purchase between 5:00pm and 8:00pm will provide a donation to this great group. 

Benevolent Beers: Erie Arts & Culture