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Beer Brings Everyone Together

Thursday Jun 2nd, 2022

Beer brings everyone together, and our Benevolent Beers program is no exception.

Some backstory.

Erie Ale Works navigated the overwhelming brunt of the pandemic with the help of our local residents, so we asked ourselves how can we pay that back? Well, area nonprofits need post-pandemic help too so we wanted to do our best to ensure they have the funds to stick around to contribute back to our community. We are still here as a company because of local support, it’s time to pass that back to our community. While this weekly event won’t raise BIG money for our nonprofits, every little bit helps, and we’re happy to help how we can.

So, how does it work?

Each Thursday we host a different nonprofit here at our shop. You’ll learn which nonprofit via our events schedule or through our Facebook events section. We provide a donation based on each sale occurring between 5:00pm and 8:00pm to the chosen group. Everything within the EAW collection of products counts: pints, flights, t-shirts, stickers, you name it. We’ll even set out donation buckets to collect cash donations for the nonprofit too. Whatever we can do to help!

Do you want in?

If your nonprofit is ready to hang out for a night of local craft beer, food trucking, and fundraising let us know through this application and we’ll get you rolling along. We book pretty far down the calendar but we’re ready to hang out and put some cash in your pocket if you are!

Benevolent Beers OWB v2
Benevolent Beers night for the Our West Bayfront Neighborhood.